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Vacuum Cup with 9" Soft Concave Pad Plastic Handle

Vacuum Cup with 9" Soft Concave Pad Plastic Handle
Product Name : Vacuum Cup with 9" Soft Concave Pad Plastic Handle
Product ID : FY1412
Load Capacity : 21-1/2"(545mm)
Material : Plastic handle,ABS pump
Cup Diameter : 9"(230mm)
Vacuum Pad : Soft Concave Pad
Application : Curved glass or objects(car glass)

About Our Vacuum Cups:

1)Red-line indicator warns user of any vacuum loss.

2)Check valve allows repumping without loss of remaining vacuum.

3)Release valve lever permits quick and complete release. 

4)Easy access to parts.

5)Environmental rubber,pass ROHS testing, quality reach to USA WOOD'S.

6)Our commitment to users, if one product has quality problem ,we will compensate you 1pcs. 

To Attach

1)Position the hand cup on the contact surface so the red line will be visible if it should appear while lifting the load.CAUTION:Test the cup for staining or deformation of load surfaces with light colors or soft coatings.

2)Pump the plunger until the cup attaches completely.When the red line is hidden,vacuum is sufficient for lifting.

3)Check the plunger frequently to make sure the cup remains securely attached.If the red line appears while lifting,set down the load immediately and pump the plunger until the red line is hidden again(see WARNINGS)


To Release

1)Set the load on a secure support.

2)Pull one of the release tabs or press the value release lever(on other cups)until the cup disengages completely.

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